GIFs from Reclaim (2019), a longer video which served as a final thesis project at Nipissing University.
Excerpt from artist statement: 
"Utilizing feminist theory and applying it to my own experiences, it is a response to the omnipresent weight of visual consumption and being watched. To expand, visual consumption could be described as the inflicted contemplation or objectification of your body without your consent or at times, without your knowledge -- although the prospect is often an ever-present possibility and consideration within my mind. This work is a reclamation of bodily autonomy, which is relevant to the work’s title being Reclaim. 
Some figures I chose to explore are Medusa, Aphrodite, Danaë, and Callisto. Appropriating paintings and ancient sculptures of these women and drawing connections to myself by adding my own figure, as well as utilizing religions symbolism such as rotating halos, I aspired to empower the female figure in the ways they deserved — with autonomy and power rather than the stories which were carried on throughout history. I modernized and contextualized these stories through the recording of a spoken word poem which highlights the similarities between themes in Greek lore and the contemporary dialogue concerning female autonomy."
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